About me.

bradley mcdonnell


I am PhD candidate at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I primarily conduct research in the fields of syntax, pragmatics, discourse, phonetics, phonology, and language documentation.

The majority of my work focuses on Besemah, a Malayic language of Sumatra. I have done more than 20 months of fieldwork in the highlands of southwest Sumatra. I have also conducted research on other Austronesian languages, Ende (Central Malayo-Polynesian, Indonesia) and Kankanaey (Western Malayo-Polynesian, Philippines) as well as a Shona (Bantu, Zimbabwe).  

I take an integrated approach when analyzing linguistic structure, taking into account historical, social, communicative, and cognitive factors. I draw on many approaches to language, including Usage-based Linguistics, Construction Grammar, and Interactional Linguistics. 



bjm at umail dot ucsb dot edu



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research interests

Language Documentation
Discourse & Grammar